The result of the merger of the ISAB, the IGAL, the Esitpa, the École des métiers de l'environnement (EME) and the ESIEE-Amiens, UniLaSalle is a higher education centre of national and international reference in the earth, life, environmental, energy and digital sciences.

A Lasallian School

Founded in 1854 by the Brothers of the Christian Schools, whose work is driven by the educational precepts of Jean-Baptiste de La Salle, UniLaSalle belongs to one of the largest educational networks in the world, the La Salle Network.

Throughout the world, the 1500 institutions of the network, including 72 universities and colleges, share the same values of openness and humanism, advocating education for all.

They follow a unique pedagogy, based on the personalized support of students, on their commitment to the life of the school and on the valorization of their assumption of responsibilities, notably through the importance given to extracurricular life.

UniLaSalle is a member of IALU (International Association of LaSallian Universities) and of the LaSalle Grandes Ecoles network, which federates the 5 French Lasallian engineering grandes écoles.

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4 Exceptional campuses

Beauvais Campus

Located in a rural and wooded environment, the Beauvais campus is a true American-style campus, where community life is dense and the spirit of promotion is developed.


Rouen Campus

In the heart of the university area of Mont-Saint-Aignan, 15 minutes from the center of the largest student city in Normandy, the Rouen campus welcomes you in an urban and international atmosphere.


Rennes Campus

The Rennes campus combines the privileged environment of the Ker Lann campus (more than 6,000 students) with the dynamism of student life in Rennes.


ESIEE - Amiens Campus

Located 1h10 from Paris, the school welcomes more than 650 students in a building of nearly 11,000m² with innovative architecture in the heart of Amiens.


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Labels and certifications

UniLaSalle has been certified EESPIG (Etablissement d'enseignement supérieur privé d'intérêt général) since July 7, 2016. This label awarded by the State guarantees that UniLaSalle :

  • Participates in the public service missions of higher education;
  • Is a non-profit institution with independent management;   
  • Is periodically evaluated by a national authority;   
  • Clearly identifies the training courses leading to diplomas conferring a grade approved by the State.

The Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs (CTI) evaluates the quality of engineering training provided in France. A course is labeled CTI when it meets the quality criteria defined by the CTI.

All of UniLaSalle's engineering training programs are CTI-certified, thus granting the title of engineer to UniLaSalle graduates. This label in fact leads to a European recognition of their engineering title, via the EUR-ACE label.

UniLaSalle has implemented a quality approach validated by an ISO 9001 certification of its Beauvais campus since 2010.

This certification ensures that our Quality Management System complies with the main objectives of the ISO 9001 standard:

  •  to constantly provide products and services that meet our customers' requirements and the applicable legal and regulatory requirements;
  •  to increase customer satisfaction through the effective application of our system,

Following the successive mergers with Esitpa (Rouen campus) and the Ecole des métiers de l'Environnement (Rennes campus), UniLaSalle is continuing its efforts to extend this certification to its Rouen and Rennes campuses.

The Beauvais site has also been certified since 2018 for its activities as a continuing vocational training organization.


UniLaSalle is a school with associative status under the double tutelage of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and the Institut Catholique de Paris.

The board of directors, chaired by Sébastien WINDSOR, includes three founding members by right - representatives of the two trusteeships and the APCA - and several active members, individuals or legal entities. For the most part, UniLaSalle's directors hold positions of responsibility within companies or groups from universes close to the school, testifying to the link and proximity sought with the business world.

Founding members by right

  • Brother Jacques d'HUITEAU, delegate of the Brother Visitor, representing the Trusteeship of the Brothers of the Christian Schools   
  • Mr. Rector Father Philippe BORDEYNE, or his delegate, representing the tutelage of the Institut Catholique de Paris.   
  • Permanent Assembly of the Chambers of Agriculture   
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hauts-de-France region

Other ex-officio members

  • The UniLaSalle Alumni Association represented by its president or delegate   
  • The General Students' Association (Beauvais campus) represented by its president or delegate   
  • The Student Office (Rouen campus) represented by its president or delegate   
  • The Student Office (Rennes campus) represented by its president   
  • The Student Office (Amiens campus) represented by its president

Active members, natural persons

  • Mr. WINDSOR, President
  • Mr. FRIÈS, Vice-President
  • Mr. HUMBERT-DROZ, Vice-President
  • Mr. LACOUT, Vice-President
  • Mr. LE GRAND, Vice-President
  • Mr. LETIERCE, Treasurer
  • Mr. PORTEVIN, Secretary
  • Mr. DUBOURG, Member
  • Mr. BERGUE
  • Mr. FOUGER
  • Mr. LHOTTE
  • Mr. MAITRE
  • Mr. MARION
  • Mrs PINON
  • Mrs PRIMAS

Other active members

  • La Salle University of Barcelona represented by its President or his delegate;
  • Orano represented by its delegate;   
  • Total represented by its delegate.