Thursday 08 December 2022

The Jean-Baptiste Gagne Foundation, which supports UniLaSalle students, has an essential mission: to fight against poverty through training and to make knowledge accessible to the greatest number.

Thanks to donations made by individuals (mainly you, the Alumni, but also parents of students, parents of Alumni, employees and some companies), we were able to help 202 students in 2021-2022 for a total of 456 366 €.

Here is a look back at the aid offered, the number of students helped and student testimonials.

The merit-based scholarship

This aid is given to scholarship students, first-time entrants, who have obtained a distinction in their baccalaureate. To benefit from it in the 2nd year, they must be classified in the first quarter of their promotion within UniLaSalle.

For the 2021-2022 academic year: 131 students have benefited from the merit-based grant for a total of €238,191:

Beauvais campus: 77 students assisted, for a total amount of €164,911 ;
Rouen Campus: 15 students assisted, for a total amount of €29,200;
Rennes Campus: 24 students assisted, for a total amount of €65,480;
Amiens Campus: 15 students assisted, for a total amount of €23,600;

Testimony of Ema, 2nd year environmental engineering student and merit-based scholarship recipient

"I have always been lucky to have parents who support me and encourage me in my projects.

When my father died unexpectedly the year I turned 17, my mother still wanted to enroll me in the school I liked, so I did my best to get a scholarship and help my mother pay for part of my studies.
I motivated myself the first year to keep a good academic level and it paid off because I was able to get a second help in the second year.

I was reassured and calmed by this financial aid which relieved my family. I can now devote myself fully to my studies.

Thank you to all the generous people who funded this scholarship. Thank you for making our dreams come true."

Témoignage d’Ema, boursière au mérite et étudiante en 2ème année d’ingénieur en environnement sur le campus de Rennes

The Jean-Baptiste Gagne scholarship

This aid scheme is intended for young people in great financial difficulty.

For the academic year 2021-2022: 62 students have received a Jean-Baptiste Gagne scholarship for a total of €100,675:
Beauvais campus: 13 students for a total amount of €14,000 ;
Rouen campus: 35 students for a total amount of 77 175 € ;
Amiens Campus: 14 students for a total amount of 9 500 € ;
Among these figures, 8 students received a grant and an honorary loan

Testimony of Karen, a 5th year engineering student in Food & Health, and recipient of a Jean-Baptiste Gagne scholarship.

"After the many tragedies that affected my country, Lebanon, my parents could no longer afford to pay for the additional costs of my studies. It was after a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in Lebanon that I discovered the Food & Health Engineering program at UniLaSalle.

I entered the 4th year of this program in 2020. Because of the upheaval in our lives, I applied for a scholarship from the Jean-Baptiste Gagne Foundation.

I obtained an honorary loan of 2000 euros. It allows me to lighten the financial burden of my parents for this year.

Thank you to all the donors, it is thanks to you that students like me can achieve their future projects with more peace of mind."

Témoignage de Karen, bénéficiaire d’une bourse Jean-Baptiste Gagne, et étudiante en 5ème année d’ingénieur en Alimentation & Santé sur le campus de Beauvais.

Honorary loans

The loan can be of 1000 €, 2000 € or 5000 € at 0 rate, without deposit and is repayable within 4 years after leaving school (3 years in case of early exit).

For the 2021-2022 school year: 13 students have received an honorary loan for a moment 67 200€ :
Beauvais campus: 2 students helped, for a total amount of €6,700 ;
Rouen Campus: 10 students helped, for a total amount of 60 300 € ;
Rennes Campus: 1 student helped, for a total amount of €2,000;
Among these figures, 8 students received a grant and an honorary loan.

Testimony of Remi, student in 3rd year of engineering in Food & Health, beneficiary of the ADREG grant of 1200€ to carry out a humanitarian mission in Ghana

"Thirsty for adventure and discovery, I decided to help a population in distress in Ghana within an NGO. My missions during 4 months are varied. Working on reforestation projects, teaching in schools, working on the farm, renovating/reconstructing schools or even plastic recycling projects.

In return: the Ghanaian people, although very poor, teach us, surprise us and make us love the country a little more every day.
They were able to pass on to me their values: good humor, respect and mutual aid are the bases of a hard work, imperative to feed their families.
This scholarship gave me the opportunity to realize an exceptional experience: sharing, helping and giving a smile.

Not knowing what to do after my studies, this internship made me aware of the disparity of our world. It is now certain that my future job will have to integrate this same philosophy of sharing and mutual aid. I thank the donors who supported my project and my cause."


Rémi peint avec des membres de l'association qu'il accompagne au ghana

Do you also believe that education changes lives and opens new horizons?

The Jean-Baptiste Gagne Foundation is recognized as a public utility and your donations are tax-deductible.

There is no small donation, every donation counts!
Thank you to all of you for your support

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