Wednesday 28 September 2022

70 student-engineers in Environmental Engineering have started their school year on the UniLaSalle campus in Rennes.
Their 3-year work-study program is carried out in companies and communities whose fields of activity are diversified according to the needs of the apprenticeship tutors. Have a good year!

On the way to 3 years of alternating work and study: the "new" student-apprentices have started the school year!

There are 40 new apprentices alternating between school and company, all of whom are keen to get involved in the world of work more quickly. Coming from the pre-engineering cycle or from outside training (for 25 of them), they started on September 5. 

What types of training allow students to enter the Environmental Engineering apprenticeship program?

Most of them have a DUT in Biological Engineering. Some have completed a bachelor's degree such as Earth and Environmental Sciences, Biology, Life Sciences with a specialization in biology and ecology, or waste and the circular economy. Still others have taken a BCPST preparatory class or a BTS in environmental services or water management.

"I am so happy to be here. My work-study project in the environmental sector has come to fruition and I intend to give it my all," explains Elain, an apprentice at Agromousquetaire as an environmental coordinator.


Premier jour de classe pour les 40 nouveaux élèves-ingénieurs en Génie de l'environnement par la voie de l'apprentissage
First day of class for the 40 new apprenticeship environmental engineering students

The 30 apprentices who are pursuing their Environmental Engineering degree return to class

The school bell has also rung for the 30 students who are pursuing their Environmental Engineering degree through an apprenticeship program.
They start their 2nd year with a smile and the joy of meeting again after a few weeks without seeing each other. This is the first class in the school to benefit from apprenticeship and the teams are happy to see them again!
"Here we go for a new year, collective projects, support that is always personalized according to the structures in which they are and a program that allows them to flourish in their missions." Dany Hulot, in charge of apprenticeship on the UniLaSalle campus in Rennes | École des métiers de l'environnement is delighted to see again those who will always remain the 1st!

Le retour des élèves-apprentis. Ils entament leur 2è année du cycle Ingénieur Génie de l'environnement par la voie de l'apprentissage
The return of the student-apprentices. They are starting their 2nd year of the Environmental Engineering program through apprenticeship


Varied fields of activity for growing business and community needs

With the addition of the two apprenticeship classes, the fields of activity in which the apprentice-engineers evolve are becoming more diversified.  

Dany Hulot adds: "We work upstream with companies and local authorities so that they can express their needs and find a correlation with our educational program. It is important that everyone finds something to their liking and once again we have won the bet. I am proud to be able to accompany the students and their apprentices."

Domaines d'activité ingénieur genie de l'environnement apprentissage

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