Wednesday 05 October 2022

UniLaSalle's podcast dedicated to sustainable development has been awarded a trophy in the "Positive impact on society" category.

While UniLaSalle, an engineering and veterinary school, launched its Uni4change strategy a few days ago in the presence of its stakeholders, and after 30 years of commitment, the UniLaSalle Polytechnic Institute was awarded the Responsible Campuses Trophy in the "positive impact on society" category.

The DD Capsule

Created in June 2020, the Capsule DD is a podcast created and produced by the Ecological and Societal Transformation Department (DD-TES) of UniLaSalle.

To date, more than 60 DD Capsules have been broadcast, lasting 10 to 12 minutes and listened to by more than 250 listeners per podcast.

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The main benefits of UniLaSalle's approach

The trophies of the French-speaking responsible campuses have congratulated the fact that UniLaSalle's Capsule DD has a real positive impact on society.

It mainly responds to three of the objectives of sustainable development:

  • (4) Quality education,   
  • (13) Measures related to the fight against climate change   
  • (17) Partnership to achieve the objectives.

The DD Capsule reinvents itself

Following the launch of the Uni4change strategy, the DD Capsule reinvents itself and offers a 10-minute podcast, sequenced in three parts:

  • The transforming idea, to inform, meditate and/or reproduce   
  • The portrait, of a young person who is committed!   
  • The white card, which highlights a gesture, an action or a reading to share.

UniLaSalle's ambitions

The DD-TES team would like to go even further and would like to open up to other higher education and research establishments (ESR). This could be in the form of a single podcast or built on a mutualized framework, or by a simple duplication via a form of experience sharing. This could be an opportunity to broaden the audience by giving a wider and curious public the opportunity to hear the work done by students and staff from all over ESR.

Caroline Le Moulec, Manager of the UniLaSalle DD-TES projects

"At the beginning, the Capsule DD was a desire to offer an awareness of the challenges of ecological and societal transformation to UniLaSalle students and employees with a dynamic format, the podcast. Today, we wish to associate students and teachers in the choice, preparation and presentation of the subjects; as well as external stakeholders to open the field of our horizons. Winning a Responsible Campuses Trophy encourages us to continue this work of training and opening up to the crucial issues of the 21st century."


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