Monday 24 October 2022

It has become a ritual appreciated by all: on the occasion of the "inter-promo" day, the students who finish the Master's degree in Circular Economy "pass the torch" to the newcomers.

On the program: a morning of defending the professional thesis projects of the "alumni" and an afternoon of exchanges and networking, a sort of sponsorship!

All the studies of the class of 2021-2022 are conducted within large groups such as GRDF, Groupe Avril, Decathlon, Maison du Monde or smaller structures such as Envie35, Chereau, Groupe Briand, Praxiam and many others.

It is an opportunity to get acquainted, discover or re-discover various subjects concerning multiple fields of activity:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

  • The mobilization of employees for a CSR approach in companies: issues, obstacles and key success factors for a public service company   
  • The appropriation of the CSR strategy by employees, a strategic CHALLENGE for companies: how to raise awareness, mobilize and involve employees in the CSR strategy? What are the brakes and levers?

Waste and reuse:

  • The obstacles and levers to achieving the reuse of packaging for consumer food products   
  • What opportunities does the circular economy offer in France for end-of-life windows?   
  • How can reuse meet the challenges of metal frames in the construction field?   
  • How can regulation be the driving force in the ecological transition? The case of the AGEC law applied to the pharmaceutical industry   
  • Is the carbon indicator relevant to help manage a company's waste reduction project?   
  • The remanufacturing of sports equipment: a case study on electric bicycle batteries

Sustainability of activities and productions :

  • What trajectories for sustainable dairy production?   
  • Why and how the circular economy is an integrated approach in a SME?   
  • How to make real estate investors aware of the sustainability of buildings and their equipment from the design of a construction project?   
  • Comparative study of innovation and sustainable development competitions in Brittany: what levers for a real knock-on effect on the territory?   
  • What if companies were not using the right levers to integrate the low-carbon strategy into their business models?


  • How can strategic decision support tools be used to leverage the performance of the eco-design approach?   
  • How to develop the use of sustainable construction materials to limit the environmental impacts of buildings? Case study of biosourced construction materials and materials from reuse.   
  • Biomimicry as a new approach for eco-design consulting firms. Study of its potential and definition of an approach adapted to consultants.

The answers to the climate emergency:

  • Are technical and technological evolutions enough to reduce the environmental footprint of video streaming?   
  • How can car rental companies adapt their mobility services to meet both the climate challenges and the new expectations of their customers?

The Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE):

  • The emergence of new companies claiming to be part of the circular economy: what impacts on the model of historical players and in particular those of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE)   
  • Eco-organizations and SSE: what synergies to achieve the most value-added strategies in terms of circular economy?

TOP start for the new class of 2022-2023 Specialized Masters in Circular Economy

The new class is now ready to begin the "Specialized Master" adventure at UniLaSalle Rennes. In pursuit of their studies, reorientation (purchasing department, IT project management in bancassurance, commercial functions) or professional consolidation (marketing product manager, eco-design, safety, environment and risk prevention), the students follow the training in initial or alternating courses through an internship or a professionalization contract.

Les 2 promos mastère spécialisé economie circulaire posent ensemble
The 2 graduates of the Specialized Master in Circular Economy pose together

Lucie Domingo, Eco-design Associate Professor and head of the training, will conclude this day:

It is always a special moment to see one class pass the relay to the next. Bonds are forged, projects are set up, a real effervescence that sets the tone for the year: sharing, high standards and rigor but also good humor!

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