Thursday 27 October 2022

The optional teaching blocks of the pre-engineering cycle are an opportunity for students to refine their training project.

Although they represent only 10% of the volume of teaching in the pre-engineering cycle, the sequences dedicated to opening options have a real role to play in the future orientation choices of Lasallian students.

Thus, several students in the first year of "life sciences "* have chosen to discover geology through a field school in Brittany at the foot of Mont Saint-Michel. A choice that will perhaps allow them to advance in their future orientation.

"The objective of this option is to discover and learn the techniques of observation in the field, in particular to know how to identify what is important to look at and to know how to collect data according to the rules of the art," explains Elsa Ottavi-Pupier, director of training in the Geosciences College and teacher-researcher in petrology and mineralogy. "These few days also allow students to understand the notion of actualism, which makes the link between past geological phenomena and those currently observable."

For the participating students, it is an opportunity to refine their study plans. "I'm hesitating between geosciences and agronomy, I'm waiting to have more information on the engineering profession", says François.

terrain de géologie pour les étudiants d'UniLaSalle


Hesitating between these two fields, Hélène chose this field to help her see things a little more clearly. "I am happy to be here, for the drawing, the observation of nature and rocks. I am interested in field studies and even if I would prefer to study fauna and flora, I realize that the two are complementary."

Although Margaux is more interested in pursuing an engineering degree in Agronomy and Agro-industries, she nevertheless greatly appreciates the field aspect of this option. "I'm happy with the beginning of my week, which was full of discoveries. I thought I would have more difficulty with the concepts, but in the end it's fine," confides the student, who was able to count on the help of other students and teacher-researchers in geology to explain the scientific terms.

For Elsa, the choice is made; "I found this field very interesting, but I will not go into this field."

*In the pre-engineering cycle (1st and 2nd year), the students' timetable is divided between common core courses (50%), a block of thematic courses that "color" the students' career path according to their preferences (40%), and opening options (10%)


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