Inaugurated in October 2019 on our Rouen campus, the Agro R Tech center is a skills center dedicated to the valorization and characterization of agroresources and biosourced materials.

UniLaSalle is committed to supporting the energy, agro-ecological, digital and food transitions of territories in the perspective of the major challenges of the 21st century: climate change, preservation of natural resources and territorial balance. These societal challenges call for research and, beyond that, training, to identify sustainable solutions and support the sectors in their innovation and economic development processes.

To this end, the school has just inaugurated a new structure dedicated to the valorization of agro-resources and co-products in bio-based materials. "Sustainable Development is an axis that we must share with our students, our research and in our schools," said Philippe Choquet, UniLaSalle's general manager, "The AgroRTech center is a project that goes completely in this direction!".

Designing differently with our resources

UniLaSalle, which runs numerous collaborative programs to connect the "industrial" and "agricultural" worlds, aims to train players in new sectors and design tomorrow's materials differently.

This innovative structure will have applications in fields where environmental expectations are high and on which our research units are already working: automotive, packaging and construction (In this respect, UniLaSalle and the Rouen Normandy Metropolitan Area are coordinating the coalition of players "building and renovating with bio-based materials" led by COP21).

As a pillar of the AMBIOS Normandy training and research chair inaugurated in 2017, AGRORTECH will enable us to expand our field of expertise and meet the new needs of our customers.


Head of the AMBIOS Chair, Head of the Agro R Tech Center