Need scientific and/or technical support to carry out your project in the field of agronomy?

UniLaSalle offers you a wide range of services, studies and benefits to support your development. Benefit from the expertise of our teams and the excellence of our infrastructures for a tailor-made solution.

Our offer of services in agronomy and agriculture

UniLaSalle accompanies you on major themes related to agronomy and agriculture.

Our areas of expertise

  • Agronomy, agro-ecology   
  • Applied Pedology   
  • Animal nutrition, behaviour and welfare   
  • Animal and plant genetics   
  • Hydrology, physico-chemical biological quality of waters   
  • Ecology of soil-plant interactions, entomology, soil fauna   
  • Phytopathology   
  • Agro-machinery   
  • Soil biology and microbial ecology   
  • Phytoremediation   
  • Alternative cropping systems   
  • GIS Mapping   
  • Land use planning

Our range of services and benefits

  • Laboratory, greenhouse, mesocosms, microplots and real-world plots trials   
  • Soil compaction studies, cultural profile   
  • Determination of weeds and characterization of soil fauna   
  • Diagnosis and design of innovative culture systems   
  • Advice on nutrition in breeding   
  • Territorial prospective   
  • Bioindicators of soil condition, understanding their functioning and advice in their sustainable management   
  • Soil remediation   
  • Quantification of specific microorganisms   
  • Territorial study   
  • Biocontrol and biostimulant (screening) for the protection of crops   
  • Ecological engineering   
  • Continuing Education

Your need is not mentioned? Contact our teams to evaluate the feasibility.

at your service

All our studies and services in agronomy and agriculture are provided by the teacher-researchers and research officers of the Agrosciences college and the AGHYLE (Agro-ecology, Hydrogeochemistry, Environments & Resources - UP 2018.C101) and Interact (Innovation, Territory, Agriculture & Agroindustry, Knowledge and Technology - UP 2018.C102) teams.

Performing tools

To carry out studies and services, we rely on high level scientific infrastructures:

  • 2 experimental farms (mixed farming of beef cattle, mixed farming of dairy cattle)   
  • Agronomic platform (experimental plots, in situ trials),   
  • Plant Biotechnology and Plant Pathology Platform   
  • Agroecology platform, soil-planting   
  • Poultry platform,   
  • Environment, soil, water, organic matter platform   
  • Agroscience, nutrition and plant health platform Normand Serre
  • Agrobiodiversity platform, molecules and microorganisms   
  • AgroRTech Normandy   
  • Greenhouse, growing room   
  • Rhizotrons, hydroponics   
  • AgriLab


Jean-Pierre GADONNA
Director of Valorization UniLaSalle and Beauvais Campus
Valorization manager - Rouen campus
Abdoulaye KANE
Valorization manager - Rennes campus