Need scientific and/or technical support to carry out your food, nutrition and health project?

UniLaSalle offers you a wide range of services, studies and benefits to support your development. Benefit from the expertise of our teams and the excellence of our infrastructures for a tailor-made solution.

UniLaSalle accompanies you on the major themes related to food, nutrition and health.

Our areas of expertise

  • Human Nutrition   
  • Impact of diet on chronic non-communicable diseases   
  • Specific dietary needs   
  • Food science/health restoration   
  • Nutritional prevention   
  • Nutritional Epidemiology   
  • Health promotion and education   
  • Health Claims   
  • Functional foods and ingredients at bénéfices health   
  • Sanitary control   
  • Preclinical and Clinical Research, Translational Research   
  • Innovation: from conceptualization to operational transfer

Our range of services and benefits

  • Nutritional evaluation of products   
  • Development of offre for healthy eating   
  • Design and deployment of therapeutic education programs   
  • Characterization of dietary behavior profiles and health status of specific populations   
  • Validation of operational food and culinary solutions   
  • Adaptation of models for epidemiological, preclinical and clinical studies   
  • Preclinical models of chronic inflammatory diseases   
  • Analysis of the sanitary quality of food   
  • Development of professional training   
  • Protocols for epidemiological, preclinical and clinical studies   
  • Methods and protocols for prevention and therapeutic patient education

Your need is not mentioned? Contact our teams to evaluate the feasibility.

The Teams
at your service

All our studies and services in food, nutrition and health are provided by teacher-researchers and research officers from the Health College and/or the PETALES team (Food processes & transformations and effects on health, from the Processing and Agro resources research unit -EA 7519).

Performing tools

To carry out studies and services, UniLaSalle teams rely on high-performance tools and infrastructures:

  • Sensory analysis platform, spécifiques panels for translational research (targeted consumers, patients)  
  • Survey Methods and Tools   
  • Statistical analysis and data management   
  • Molecular and cell biology platform   
  • Microbiology platform   
  • Culinary practice platform: household and professional equipment for health food service



Jean-Pierre GADONNA
Director of Valorization UniLaSalle and Beauvais Campus
Valorization manager - Rouen campus
Abdoulaye KANE
Valorization manager - Rennes campus