The Geosciences College brings together tassocite professors, engineers and technicians who contribute to teaching, research and expertise activities in the fields of the environment, mineral resources, energy, land-use planning and natural hazards.  

Issues, challenges and positioning

Through their teaching, research and expertise, the Geosciences College teams are committed to meeting the major societal and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow.

  • By accompanying the energy transition in a responsible and sustainable manner in accordance with the 17 UN sustainable development goals (SDOs),
  • By protecting and enhancing the water resource,   
  • By acting on environmental disorders in natural, urban or industrial environments (soil, water and aquifer pollution),   
  • By anticipating and managing natural risks,   
  • By taking into account the challenges and climate change to limit their consequences on our Environment.

Competences and teams

The Geosciences College is made up of :   

  • The Georesources team, which includes associate professors whose skills are more specifically related to the world of mineral and energy resources,
  • The A2E team (Planning, Water and Environment) in which the specialties of the associate professors are closely related to hydrogeology, environmental geophysics, geotechnics and remediation of polluted sites and soils.

In a transversal way, the Geosciences college also relies on its 2 poles of activity:

  • The Direction of Training, which leads the pedagogy and defines the strategic development axes of the two Geosciences courses within UniLaSalle (Bachelor in Geosciences (Bac+3), Engineer in Geosciences and Environment (Bac+5), work-study training),   
  • The Expertise and Studies pole, which brings its know-how to external clients such as design offices, companies or local authorities; whether in terms of services, studies or continuing education.

The teachers professor of the Geosciences college are for the most part also attached to research units piloted by UniLaSalle's Scientific Department :

  • B2R (Bassins-Réservoirs-Resources)
  • Aghyle (Agro-ecology, Hydrogeochemistry, Environments & Resources)


The Geosciences College teams benefit from more than 40 years of experience worldwide, on site or in the laboratory, which allows them to cover a wide range of skills.
Thus they use their know-how in the fields of environment, water, energy and mineral resources and land use planning to the benefit of :

  • UniLaSalle's technical and engineering students, through training,   
  • of the 2 research teams, B2R and Aghyle ,   
  • design offices, companies or local authorities, within the framework of studies and services.

The equipment

Geoscience College has two science and technology platforms that are used for educational, research and expertise activities:   

It also benefits from the tools of the school's other scientific platforms and collaborates closely with GeoLab, UniLaSalle's digital innovation laboratory.

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