Joining the UniLaSalle veterinary school

UniLaSalle's veterinary school is accessible directly after the high school diploma, via an admission on Parcoursup. Find here the conditions and terms of admission for this new program offered on the Rouen campus.

In brief

Eligibility based on application file via Parcoursup then admission following a competitive examination.

To enter the UniLaSalle veterinary school in the 1st year, you must obtain your general baccalaureate (scientific specialties) or STAV.

100 open places including :

  • General final year: 96 places   
  • STAV final year: 4 places

Registration until March 29, 2022 on Parcoursup.

Open a file on Parcoursup



  • Be in the final year of the general or STAV year of high school, studying in France or abroad, and preparing for the first time for a baccalauréat;
    In the general final year, present a combination of two scientific specialties from among the following:       
    • mathematics,       
    • life and earth sciences,       
    • physics/chemistry,       
    • or biology/ecology in agricultural high schools;
  •  Be of French, Swiss or European Union nationality, or from a State party to the European Economic Area agreement;   
  • Have an outstanding academic record and possess the potential to cope with the demands and rigors of veterinary studies.

The procedures

Application via Parcoursup only

The objective is to identify the best students to succeed in veterinary studies and make a lasting commitment to the profession - academic background, commitments, motivation for the profession - while remaining attentive to students who were unable to express their potential at high school.

  1. UniLaSalle studies the entire Parcoursup file (grades from the first and last years of high school, teachers' assessments, motivated training project, future file and centers of interest).   
  2. If the file is accepted, the student is declared eligible for the competition, which will take place in the last week of April and the first week of May 2022, on the basis of mini oral interviews and individual and team practical tests.   
    No specific preparation is required, except for knowledge of the veterinary profession and a real, non-idealized awareness of the profession
  3. At the end of these tests, UniLaSalle communicates the list of selected candidates in accordance with the Parcoursup calendar (from June 2, 2022).

Final admission is subject to obtaining the general baccalaureate or a foreign diploma recognized as equivalent.


The entrance examination

Through these exchanges with the candidates, the jury will seek to understand the motivations for becoming a veterinarian, but will also bring out the personality and interpersonal skills of each student, with the aim of identifying the adequacy of the student with the Lasallian values of well-being in his studies and in his future profession.

Always in line with Lasallian values, the practical tests, in the form of a multiple-choice questionnaire and an observation test, will focus on highlighting the intrinsic capacities of each student in reflection, analysis, reasoning and ethics.

Whether in their studies or in their future practice, interactions in a group and collaboration within a team will be central to the life of the UniLaSalle veterinary student. This is why the admission tests will include a group test component that will allow each student to showcase his or her interpersonal skills in the workplace.


The timeline

  1. from November 2020 to January 2022 : I get information and discover the courses   
  2. from January 20 to March 29, 2022 : I register to formulate my wishes > Veterinary training - UniLaSalle Rouen   
  3. from March 11 to April 7, 2022 : I finalize my application   
  4. end of April - beginning of May 2022 (dates to be specified) : ENTRANCE EXAMINATION - I take my selection tests on site, on the Rouen campus   
  5. June 2 to July 15, 2022: I receive the answers from the programs and make my choice   
  6. July 22, 2022: I finalize my registration


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