Le Figaro has just created a new ranking for French engineering schools. This first edition has chosen to propose categories related to the main sectors of activity. UniLaSalle appears in two categories: schools of agronomy and biology and schools of geology and environment.

Ranked 12th out of 23 agronomy-biology schools, UniLaSalle is the n°1 of the 6 EESPIG labeled associative establishments in this field. In the field of energy-environment, UniLaSalle ranks 22nd out of 36 schools (26 public and 10 private) and 4th among the associative establishments.

For "Corporate Relations", UniLaSalle is ranked 2nd out of all agronomy-biology schools and 4th among geology-environment schools. This part of the ranking list aggregates 4 specific indicators: salary, the impact of professional social networks, the number of company chairs and the turnover of the Junior Entreprise.

The general ranking in Agronomy - Biology                       The general ranking in Energy - Environment

Classement Le Figaro 2019Classement le Figaro 2019

From a methodological point of view, this ranking list uses declarative data from two sources: certified data from the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (©CTI - Year 2019) and press data from the Conférence des directeurs des écoles françaises d'ingénieurs (©CDEFI - Year 2019). Of the 164 of the 200 French engineering schools that participated, 127 are public, 2 consular and 35 private.