To establish this ranking, the Student evaluates 4 criteria: academic excellence, proximity to companies, internationality and openness to new audiences. With 28 points, UniLaSalle belongs to group B of engineering schools (group whose rank is between 36th and 105th).

For the general ranking, it is possible to filter the specialties offered. UniLaSalle is the leader of the EESPIG labeled associative establishments in 3 of its specialties: "Bioengineering, agri-food and medical engineering", "Agriculture, forestry and biosystems engineering" and "Geological engineering". It also obtained the second place in "Environmental Engineering".

An opening towards the company hailed

In addition, for Business Relations and Preparation for Professional Integration, UniLaSalle is ranked in the top group of all the establishments in its areas of specialization based on the total of the following 6 criteria: exit salary, industrial chair policy, number of medium-sized and large companies present at the forums, number of SMEs present at the forums, number of teachers from the business world, number of alumni on the Linkedin network. Either :

These results are fully consistent with the 2020 ranking of Le Figaro published last December or the one on entrepreneurship of the magazine "Industrie et Technologies" published in September 2019.

From a methodological point of view, the Student rankings use declarative data from two sources: certified data from the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (©CTI - Year 2019) and press data from the Conference of Directors of French Engineering Schools (©CDEFI - Year 2019). Of the 167 of the 200 French engineering schools that participated, 129 are public, 2 consular and 36 private.