Associate professor in Surface Hydrology and GIS

Water/ Environment

Associate professor in Surface Hydrology and GIS
Agronomic and animal sciences
Areas of expertise and interests

  • surface hydrological transfers
  • agricultural soil erosion
  • geomorphology
  • spatial analysis
  • cartography


Doctorate in Geography, University of Strasbourg, 2009

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Head of the spring semester "Water & Environmental Management".

Main courses taught at UniLaSalle

  • Geographical Information Systems applied to agricultural territories ;   
  • Soil Sciences ;   
  • Surface Hydrology

Supervision of students

  • Grade 4 and 5 projects Agronomy and Agribusinesses   
  • 3rd year thesis/research or project papers Earth Sciences and Environment, 5th year Agronomy and Agribusinesses

Examples of studies or consultancy/training missions carried out

Herbaceous hedges to reduce the transfer of eroded particles and associated pesticides: Definition of the conditions of implementation and effectiveness, interests for biodiversity and dissemination of knowledge in Haute-Normandie (AREAS, LaSalle Beauvais, AESN funding, Haute-Normandie Region)

Member of Research Unit: UP 2012.10.102 HydrISE (Hydrogeochemistry Soil-Environment Interactions)

Main area of expertise

Surface hydrological transfers in relation to soil properties