Need scientific and/or technical support to carry out your project in non-food processing?

UniLaSalle offers you a wide range of services, studies and benefits to support your development. Benefit from the expertise of our teams and the excellence of our infrastructures for a tailor-made solution.

Our service offer in non-food processing

Our requests for skills

  • Chemical and physico-chemical characterization of crop or agro-industrial co-products   
  • Raw material variability studies   
  • Formulation & implementation of biosourced materials or bioproducts   
  • Performance characterization of bio-based materials
  • Study of biodegradability in solid (soil, compost) or liquid media.   
  • Physico-chemical characterization of agricultural, agro-industrial by-products, urban or industrial effluents   
  • Methanogenic potential tests on liquid or solid co-products   
  • Optimization of liquid or solid methanization processes

Our range of services and benefits

  • Formulation and development of bio-based materials   
  • Characterization of the functional properties of your products (agroresource, waste, materials...)   
  • Biodegradability of products, LCA of products   
  • Physico-chemical characterization of substrates (MS, MO, COD, pH, van Soest fibers, ...)   
  • Tests for methanogenic potentials   
  • Tests in pilot anaerobic digestion digesters (characterization of operating parameters, co-digestion, inhibition, ...)
at your service

All our studies and services in non-food processes are provided by experts from the College of Agrifood and Bioprocessing, the College AgroBioSciences or the Processing and Agro resources research team -EA 7519.

Performing tools

  • AgroRTech platform for the characterization and implementation of agro-resources and biosourced materials.   
  • Platform for monitoring biodegradability and aging of materials   
  • Methanization Platform     
  • Ozone-LaSalle O3 Platform


Jean-Pierre GADONNA
Director of Valorization UniLaSalle and Beauvais Campus
Valorization manager - Rouen campus
Abdoulaye KANE
Valorization manager - Rennes campus