UniLaSalle partners with the best incubators to offer you personalized support adapted to the context of your territory, from ideation to the acceleration of your project. 

Pre-incubation, incubation, acceleration, what are we talking about?

The process of creating a company is divided into three phases:

  • The pre-incubation phase: from ideation to the minimum viable product (MVP);   
  • The incubation phase: from the creation of the company to the stabilization of its business model;   
  • The acceleration phase: accelerating the growth of the company, by raising funds, opening branches or going international.

The support structure intervenes in all these phases.

What are the advantages of partnering with an incubator?

From pre-incubation to acceleration, incubators are catalysts for innovation on a regional scale and provide invaluable assistance in turning your idea into reality.

They provide a range of services adapted to project leaders.


Support programs and dedicated training

Access to technological and thematic ecosystems favorable to the realization of your idea

Animations, événements, concours, prix

Co-working spaces and accommodation for some incubators

Our partner incubators

In each of its territories of establishment, UniLaSalle works hand in hand with a privileged partner incubator and thematic partner structures, particularly during the prototyping phase.



  • Station B


  • iTerra (Beauvais region)   
  • Amiens cluster (from incubation to acceleration)   
  • NSL Nutrition Health Longevity cluster


  • Normandie incubation (from pre-incubation to incubation)   
  • Normandie acceleration
The UniLaSalle advantages

Thanks to its many partnerships with regional incubators, UniLaSalle enables you to benefit both from the power of these structures dedicated to innovation, and from complementary services which are its own. As a stakeholder in these incubators, UniLaSalle participates in the project selection committees, focusing on their societal and environmental impact.

By offering your project a favourable ecosystem, UniLaSalle supports the support you receive through the programs you join.

UnilaSalle services

  • An address book and personalized contacts (18,000 UniLaSalle Alumni);
  • Mentoring and coaching dedicated to your project;
  • The provision of technical resources (research platforms, AgriLab, GeoLab), human resources, skills and knowledge;
  • A single contact person.


Gaëlle KOTBI