UniLaSalle promotes its employees to develop their skills through teaching, training or apprenticeship mobility.

Within the framework of Erasmus+, associate professors, researchers and administrative staff benefit from two main types of mobility.

  • Teaching mobility consists of at least eight hours of teaching at a partner university. These courses must be integrated into the academic curriculum of the host institution.
    This type of mobility is also open to employees of foreign companies who come to UniLaSalle to each at least 8 hours of courses.
    Duration of mobility :  from 2 days to 2 months
  • Training mobility enables teachers, researchers, administrative and technical staff to train in an establishment, a company or a training organisation in Europe.

The staff will be informed every year by the International Department on the possibilities of destinations, financing, also outside the Erasmus+ framework...

They will be able to propose their mobility project to the International Department and to their line manager.
Their project will be studied according to the opportunities, with the partner, language skills, availability, schedule, etc...

Fund a mobility

Erasmus+ mobility aids

Staff (teaching or adminstrative staff) can benefit from Erasmus+ funding in the framework of a mobility with an Erasmus+ partner.

Accommodation costs

They are calculated according to the duration of activity and the country of destination.

Travel costs

They are calculated on the basis of the distance per kilometre between the staff's place of residence and the place of destination.