From awareness to student-entrepreneur status, UniLaSalle instills the entrepreneurial spirit in its students throughout their studies.

Introducing students to the world of entrepreneurship and innovation in order to open up the field of possibilities is one of the missions that UniLaSalle has set itself.

Through three main types of action, the Entrepreneurship team leads students to consider creating a company as a potential outlet at the end of their studies.




Raising awareness of innovation

Opening up UniLaSalle students to entrepreneurship and innovation is the objective of the awareness-raising actions carried out during our engineering courses.

These actions take two forms:

  • Optional teaching modules, offered to students in the pre-engineering cycle (1st and 2nd years) and 4th year;   
  • Participation in competitions such as Hackathon, Start up week-end or others.
Hundreds of students

Each year, several hundred UniLaSalle students are thus made aware of innovation. Among them, nearly 300 take part in competitions, with many finalists and winners.

Student, you wish to participate in an innovation competition? Get in touch with the entrepreneurship referent on your campus (contacts at the bottom of the page)

Training in entrepreneurship

Depending on the engineering program, between 20 and 80 hours of classes are devoted to entrepreneurship.

Students wishing to embark on an entrepreneurial path can choose a specific course in the 5th year of engineering, the "E2I" course at Beauvais, and the "Innovate and Undertake" course at Rouen.

Supporting student initiatives

The PEPITE system

The PEPITEs (student centers for innovation, transfer and entrepreneurship) support students and young graduates in their business creation projects.

There are 33 PEPITEs throughout France, an asset for student entrepreneurs who benefit from

  • The territorial anchoring of each center, which includes higher education institutions, economic actors and associations;   
  • The networking of the various PEPITEs, which allows the dissemination of good practices and new ideas between the clusters.

Dedicated training based on "learning by doing" (startup weekends, fictitious projects...)

Access to digital resources

Personalized supervision by teachers and professional partners

The 4 UniLaSalle campuses are covered by 3 PEPITEs:


The National Student Entrepreneur Status (SNEE)

Are you a student or recent graduate of higher education? You can obtain the national student-entrepreneur status.

This status allows you to

    access to personalized support for your project through the PEPITE program, regardless of its nature (creation or takeover of a company, innovative or not, etc.);
    to dedicate the internship periods planned in your curriculum to your project.

To benefit from this status, contact the entrepreneurship advisor on your campus (contact at the bottom of the page)

Learn more about the national status of student-entrepreneur

The Student-Entrepreneur Diploma

The Student-Entrepreneur Diploma allows students to benefit from a one-year customized training program via the PEPITE centers. It is accessible to anyone who has obtained the national status of student-entrepreneur.

Learn more about the Student-Entrepreneur diploma

The UniLaSalle advantage
Alumni Mentoring

The experience of former students is at the service of students with a project! The UniLaSalle Alumni Association offers a coaching service dedicated to entrepreneurship to UniLaSalle students and its members.


Gaëlle KOTBI