Webometrics is an international ranking of higher education institutions based on web-accessible data (i.e. independent of statements from schools and universities) measuring web presence and impact.

Webometrics classifies 28735 establishments worldwide, including 611 in France. In September 2019, UniLaSalle is ranked 1st among French associative engineering schools in agronomy and agri-food (in red in the table) and 3rd among associative engineering schools.

Classement Webometrics 2019


On the quality of research teams

Over the last year, the progression is really encouraging: gain of 24 places for the ranking of the classified French establishments and 700 places for the World. This increase is mainly due to the quality of the publications of UniLaSalle's research teams. Indeed, for the indicator counting the number of citations of the top 10 researchers on the basis of Google Scholar Citations, UniLaSalle occupies 2404th place worldwide, which corresponds to the 4th place of French engineering schools in agronomy and agri-food both public and associative (1st AgroParisTech, 2nd AgroCampus Ouest, 3rd ENSAT Toulouse) and the 1st place of EESPIG associative engineering schools.

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