For nearly 30 years, the Environmental College has brought together associate professors and teachers who contribute to the educational, research and expertise activities of the Rennes establishment, which specializes in environmental issues related to the circular economy, air, water and soil quality, waste recovery, renewable energies, eco-construction and environmental management.

Issues, challenges and positioning

Through teaching and research, the teams at Environmental college are committed to training engineers and generalist experts to fight climate change and the collapse of biodiversity, and to find solutions for effective and sustainable environmental protection. Expertise covers :

  • Management of the environmental impacts of human activities     
  • Improving the environmental performance of organizations   
  • Sustainable land use planning, industrial risks, ecological engineering   
  • Optimization of processes (chemical, physical, biotechnological...) applied to the environment

Skills and teams

The research activity is carried out by seven associate professors under the name Cyclann with the aim of activating both individual and collective dynamics which are now a daily reality of research on the Rennes Campus.

The expertise of the researchers is at the service of industrial dynamics. This activity has been established in the School since 2007 following the academic recognition of the EME. The ambition is to reinforce the School in its public service missions for all stakeholders: students, research organizations, research support institutions, ... and of course innovative companies.

Industrial dynamics are naturally at the center of the organization of the Cyclann Research Cluster in Rennes:

  • A student on an internship will have identified with the host company possible solutions to reduce the environmental impact of its activity.   
  • The examination of these solutions leads a associate professor to consider research projects corresponding to his field of expertise.   
  • A partnership is set up with the company and solutions for organizing and financing the research project are identified.   
  • Once the project is completed, an adapted communication of the results allows the best dissemination of knowledge for the benefit of all.

The associate professors are both :

  • associated with university laboratories, in which they participate in academic research work allowing them to increase their level of expertise.   
  • in charge of supervising students' work, particularly during internships, thanks to which they are familiar with industrial issues and extend their networks of contacts.   
  • engaged in research and development work, at the service of companies, which gives full meaning to their missions.


Students in the Environmental Engineering, Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Engineering, Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Coordinator, Master's Degree in Sustainable Management and Specialized Master's Degree in Circular Economics benefit from the supervision of associate professors during the implementation of concrete projects: research and development work, study work, "state of the art" projects, etc. related to issues given by companies, local authorities, associations, etc. 

The associate professors within the Cyclann research cluster work in close collaboration with private and public partners. The projects, carried out within the framework of action-research, aim to contribute to the implementation of circular economy approaches and policies in order to allow the integration of the principles of societal responsibility of organizations and to meet the objectives of sustainable development. 

The equipment

Environnemental College has 3 scientific and technological platforms that are used for teaching, research and expertise activities:

  • Technical and digital LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) platform   
  • Technical platform Water characterization   
  • Technical platform Process engineering for the environment

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